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Welcome to Williamstown Uniting Church – Electra St

Welcome to Williamstown Uniting Church – Electra St

Image of Williamstown Uniting Church from the front

Our aims are to be a growing, vibrant Christian community that is inclusive,

welcoming and relevant to people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.

We welcome you to join us in worship at Electra Street.


Major Refurbishment

We have just completed a major refurbishment of our old building and added a new entry foyer, kitchen and toilets.

Image of the entrance to Williamstown Uniting Church

Photo of the Williamstown Uniting Church altar

Photo of Williamstown Uniting Church at night

From the Minister – March

Seeking to bring light to the world

One of the things that has always characterised the Uniting Church has been our willingness to get involved in politics. In The Statement to the Nation, made when the Uniting Church was born in 1977, the Church said: ‘We pledge ourselves to seek the correction of injustices wherever they occur’ and the World Council of Churches has said that one of the things that makes a church a church is ‘advocacy even to confrontation with the powers that oppress human beings’. The Church has tried to avoid party politics, but has always spoken out on issues of the day, particularly those that affect the most vulnerable.

There are two particular issues in which the Uniting Church has long been interested that are of particular concern at the moment. The first is the treatment of asylum seekers and the second is the place of indigenous people in Australia. Continue reading

Christmas Services 2013

Christmas Eve, Tuesday the 24th

5.30 pm, Carols for Kids

A service for pre-school and primary school children. Come and hear the Christmas story, sing carols, decorate biscuits, and make stars.

11.30 pm, Service of Readings and Carols