Sunday morning worship and ‘Electra-Lights’   This program has been suspended until further notice due to COVID – 19

Children are encouraged to participate fully in the 10am worship service, with certain parts of the service focussed particularly at their developmental stage.

The ‘Electra-LIghts’ children’s program is held as part of the 10am Sunday Worship Service, with children enjoying discussion and activities while the rest of the congregation experiences the sermon. At the moment the Electra-Lights are enjoying stories and activities from the Scripture Union Light program.

Electra-Lights aims, in a loving, engaging and fun environment, to:

    • Build relationships between children; between children and adults; and between children and God
    • Develop the children’s gifts: for worship; for caring; for leadership
    • Help children to learn the biblical story and the Christian faith
    • Share faith experiences, of past and present faithful people, and of the children themselves.


The Uniting Church joyfully baptises the children of Christian families. During the baptism, parents are asked to affirm their own Christian faith and to make these two promises:

Will you encourage your child’s growth within the Christian community, guiding them through participation in the worship, nurture and fellowship of the Church to a mature Christian faith?
With God’s help, we will.

Will you, by word and example, teach them the way of Christ until the Spirit draws them to make their own response in faith and love?
With God’s help, we will.

If you would like to enquire about having your child baptised, please contact the office on 9397 5481 or email